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Terri Paul

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  • ​I write historical fiction about the Jewish immigrant experience in the early twentieth century.

  • My first novel GLASS HEARTS​ won the Friends of American Writers and the Ohioana Book Awards. It's a coming-to-America story based on the recollections of my aunt.

  • ALMOST AMERICAN (in progress), the follow-up to ​Glass Hearts, takes place during the roaring twenties. Click here to read the first two chapters in Embark Magazine.

  •  FOREIGN GIRLS (in progress), the third book, begins at the dawn of the Great Depression. Read the first chapter in ROARING TWENTIES: A Decade of Stories.

  • My relatives argued in a mash-up of English, Yiddish, Hungarian, and Russian, often about who paid for whose college education--a hot topic at family gatherings, especially funerals.​

  • Before becoming a writer, I was a social worker, college professor, and computer programmer. My most interesting job was working on the space shuttle at NASA.